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While these prints were enjoyed by the common people, the Shogunate issued orders on more than one occasion to suppress the proliferation of lewd art and printing. There has been a lasting impact regarding availability of these prints due that censorship, but the Eisei Bunko Museum in Japan is looking to remove the veil with an exhibition that will put prints on display. Obviously, the material is erotic and graphic in nature.

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But now Japan is playing catch-up. The Eisei Bunko Museum in Tokyo is organizing an exhibition of pieces of Shunga, making it the largest exhibition of its kind in Japan. Running from September 19 — December 23, the Shunga Exhibition presents an overarching view of some of the most explicit and brilliants pictures of pleasure ever produced.

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Erotica in art has been explored in the variety of our articles focusing mostly on contemporary artphotographyand painting. But we often forget that erotic art and interest in human sexual behavior have been with us from the dawn of humanity. To the delight of three-dimensional art lovers this week we are digging through the art history to find some of the best sculptural works that deal with the theme of eroticism and sexuality.

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JAPAN is freaking out at spooky tentacle creatures that resemble human intestines and devour fish whole… and some even find them sexy. Called wrinkle ribbon worms, they have gone on display after being hidden away from the public gaze for decades because they were deemed too ugly. Four of the carnivorous creatures have been in the care of Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, Japan, since

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Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that even though this type of work was outlawed, the Japanese found other ways to sell intimate services. So, how does a burgeoning industry thrive in a country where the business of selling one's body is supposedly prohibited? And, more importantly, what does it mean for the women and men involved?

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Toshio Saeki, Yarai, In the deranged world of ero guro nansensuthe stranger and grosser an illustration, the more prized it is. Common tropes of the s-born Japanese artistic and literary movement include erotic asphyxiation based on a real-life case at the timea samurai slicing up a bondaged girl, snakes with human heads, or a contortionist sucking out the eyes of a young boy, rendered in traditional woodblock printing technique.

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Hentai includes a wide variety of fetish manga and refers specifically to extreme, bizarre or inappropriate sexual situations. These most often appeal to specific fetishes — for example, gang rape, inter-species unions, and pedophilia. But they can also include anything strange and impossible in real life, such as absurdly enormous breasts.

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