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Itching, redness, and swelling of the skin of the vagina and the surrounding area vulva is a common problem in girls before the age of puberty. Vaginal discharge may also be present. The color, smell, and consistency of the discharge can vary, depending on the cause of the problem.

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Welcome back to "Loving Your Ladyparts," a weekly series where we'll be discussing everything you need to know about what's going on below your belt, from why we wax to how you orgasm. Last week, we talked about why we're so freaked out about pubic hair. This week, we're on to figuring out what's coming out of our vaginas all month.

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My young daughter is six this month and suffers from vaginal discharge, which has, for the past three months, been constant. It is dark yellow in colour but has little or no odour. The discharge itself is sometimes quite copious and reacts with the skin around her vulva causing redness and sometimes ulcerations.

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A 3-year-old previously well girl presented with her mother with a 3- to 4-day history of yellow-green vaginal discharge. The mother reported that the child has had some intermittent vaginal itching as well, but no complaints of pain. There has been no bloody vaginal discharge.

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Vaginal foreign bodies are a complaint occasionally encountered in pediatric clinics and emergency departments, and when pediatric patients present with a vaginal foreign body sexual abuse may not be considered. We describe two children with vaginal foreign bodies who were found to have been sexually abused. Each child had a discharge positive for a sexually transmitted infection despite no disclosure or allegation of abuse.

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She was so worried she made her Mum take her to a doctor to explore the option of surgery. Kathy, now 18, is part of a new pilot study aimed at understanding why a growing number of Australian girls, as young as 11, are seeking cosmetic surgery on their otherwise normal genitals. While the research study is still in its early stages, with eleven interviews so far, Ms Barnard says those she has spoken to had little sense at the time of what a normal vulva looked like.

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Vulvovaginitis is a common condition that causes irritation or inflammation of the genital area. Vulva is a word girls might not have heard before. Most girls will use the word vagina to refer to their genitalia.

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Girls as young as nine are opting to have surgery on their private parts because of body insecurities that stem from social media and pornography, doctors have revealed. Naomi Crouch, a leading adolescent gynaecologist, told the BBC about the worrying trend and admitted that she is concerned GPs are referring young girls for unneeded labiaplasty - an operation where the lips of the vagina are shortened or reshaped. She also added that the rise is the fault of pornography and social media and that, in her opinion, labiaplasty should only be performed on girls who have a medical abnormality.

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Becoming more and more convinced that something was seriously wrong, she forced her mother to take her to a doctor. She wanted to ask about surgery. In fact, about half of women have their inner labia protrude beyond their outer labia. But images in media almost always depict stylised or airbrushed genitalia, which can send girls idealised and unrealistic messages about how their bodies should look.


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